RPG Click Ergo - Kryptonite

The all new Click Ergo

- Tapered from 25 to 32mm for optimum comfort for all hand sizes

- Allows you to get closer to the cartridge than ever for ultimate precision and control Supports a natural ergonomic drawing position

- Redesigned groove pattern provides a supported index rest and relieves hand fatigue.

- Tool-less disassembly allows for safe sterilization, compatible with autoclaves and cold sterilant methods

- Ratchet Disc click system prevents involuntary turning, even with heavy machines.

- 3mm center bore is compatible with all built in drive bar machines.

- Autoclavable Drive Bar included with each grip

- Anodized for durability and available in 7 colors

DO NOT Ultrasonic Wash!


RPG Click Ergo - Kryptonite

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