RPG Click 32mm - Ruby

Introducing The New DarkLab RPG Click 32mm Grip!


-Textured 32mm OD Grip
-Anti-Twist ratchet mechanism that prevents involuntary turning
-Only four main components -Autoclavable -Tool Less disassembly
-Made in the USA
-Patent Pending Ratchet System allows easy depth adjustment while securely locking into place to prevent unwanted depth adjustment even with the heaviest machines.
-Ergonomic 32mm grip provides optimum comfort while tattooing.
-Compatible with all major cartridge systems allowing you the freedom to tattoo with the needles you prefer.
-Autoclavable Plunger Drive Bar included with each grip.
-Anodized for durability and available in 7 colors.

  • Item #: HT-RPGR

RPG Click 32mm - Ruby

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